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Pool & sauna

Our popular spa and sports club presents itself to our guests as a modern spa oasis. Small and delicate high quality natural materials and facilities that have been designed with great attention to detail that characterize our approach.


We offer a high quality health and wellness programs. Our house has in this constellation and order in Osnabrück and in the entire region via a unique selling point.


Opening times

Opening times

Total relaxing is waiting for you in our sauna and pool area.

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In the center of the spa area are the pool with waterfall and counter current system, a finish sauna (90 degreed) and a bio sauna (60 degrees).
After the sauna invits you a rain forest or waterfall shower or our heatedglas mosaik, to relax.


The use of natural materials such as birch and alder wood and stone, slate and glass when designing the floors and wall coverings in the sauna area underline the high quality character of the system and give a nobel impression.